As you can see from the picture, I have got some interesting hardware on my right leg.  On December 4, 2003, I underwent an Etrl Procedure amputation.  I was lucky enough to have Dr. William Ertl (the grandson of the procedure founder) perform the surgery, and I am doing extremely well now.  I will explain why the amputation was necessary, but that is on another page.

Who am I?   I am a born-again Christian, husband, father, son, brother, uncle, friend, IT Manager, and computer geek, just to name a few characteristics.

  • Born-again Christian: I have no doubt in my mind that Jesus Christ died on a cross and arose three days later for the payment of my sins (and the rest of the world's, for that matter).  As such, he is my Lord and Savior
  • Husband: To a wonderful and loving wife, Renee (who doesn't want her info on this site)
  • Father: To two absolutely adorable girls, Sarah and Hope (who I won't share any more about, for privacy reasons)
  • Son: To Roy (who has since gone to be with the Lord) and Beverly (who works way too much!) King
  • Brother: To Dee (AKA: Roy, Daryl, and who knows what else he goes by)
  • Uncle: To Dee's two boys, Chris(topher) and Matthew
  • Cousin: To Tammy, Renee (a different Renee) and various others
  • Nephew: To Aunt Shirley
  • Friend: To <insert your name here> ... you guys know who you are
  • Computer Geek: self-proclaimed (and a few others have called me a geek too ... is that a good thing?)

More about me:

    I always aspired to be a police officer as I was growing up.  I never went through the various little boy phases of cowboy, firefighter, soldier, veterinarian, etc ... I always wanted to be a cop.  While I was in high school, my dad made arrangements for me to tour the Secret Services offices in Oklahoma City, and always introduced me to as many police officers as possible.  While mom and dad didn't look forward to their little boy strapping on a gun everyday, they never stood in the way of my plans.

    When it was time for college, off to Central State University I went (now it is named the University of Central Oklahoma).  I majored in Criminal Justice, and while I never claimed a minor, I had enough hours to officially have a minor in Safety Education.  During my studies at CSU, one of the requirements was to conduct a 'practicum' with some law enforcement related agency.  All my classmates were excited to do their  practicums with various agencies in the Oklahoma City area (Edmond PD, OKC PD, other city PDs, FBI office, etc).  However, upon talking with them, I found out that all they were actually doing was filing paperwork, like a clerk! (no offense to the clerks out there).  Since I had already become friends with the campus police chief, I asked him about the possibility of doing my practicum with his department.  He cleared it through the university administration, and I became the first student practicum officer for CSUPD, in the Fall 1985 semester.

    Here is the cool part about my doing my practicum with CSUPD: I got to wear a uniform, badge (said security officer, instead of police) and ride around with the officers!  Oh, yeah ... while my classmates were putting file folders away, I was riding along on traffic stops, assisting with accident investigations, and even taking a report or two.  Talk about getting seriously jazzed.  I worked enough with each of the officers, that when a position with the department came open, all of the officers asked the Chief to hire me.  I was only 20 years old at the time, but chief knew of a way to get me hired.  It involved an episode much like on MASH, when Radar would put tons of paperwork in front of the Colonel for signatures, and have something special in the middle of it.  It worked, and on February 12, 1986 I was a full-fledged state-wide commissioned police officer.  The funniest problem I had was buying ammunition.  Being that I was not 21 years old, Wal-Mart wasn't allowed to sell handgun ammo to me ... so I had to take my Sergeant with me (it felt like having to have a note from my dad or something).

Fast forward several years .... married at the end of 1986, child number one in the middle of 1990, child number two on the last day of 1999 ... I am now working for Oklahoma State University CIS/IT (Computing and Information Services / Information Technology). 

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!!! Limb-Loss does not equal Life-Loss !!!

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