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Why ERTL GUY, you may ask....

It's a long story that started December 04, 2003 .... with another long story before that date ....

Why ERTL GUY, you may ask....

I really wanted to have my web address to be, but it was already taken.  Many of you who will be visiting this site may already be aware of what Tis Gar Plen means to me.  However, for those of you who don't, I have a page explaining it's personal importance to me here

So, instead of sitting around and hoping the current owner would let his ownership of the domain name expire, I decided on the next best thing: ERTLGUY.

Why ERTL GUY, you may ask....

OK, ok ... here's the deal:  I am an amputee (see image to the right).  The procedure used to for my amputation was called the Ertl Procedure.  It is named after the Hungarian surgeon, Janos Ertl, who brainstormed for a better method for amputation that would allow for WWI veterans to return to the workforce (he was put on task by his government).  The method he designed was named after him .... the Ertl Procedure.

The Ertl Procedure isn't widely performed within the medical community, for various reasons (required skill, political, financial, etc that I really don't want to vent about here) the procedure is only performed by a hand-full of surgeons around the globe.  In many of the amputee support forums I am involved with, I am frequently the only "Ertl amputee" in the group.  Being that I talk so openly about the procedure and am fighting for more surgeons to use it, I have been refered to multiple times as the "Ertl Guy"

Now you know why I selected for my domain name!

Just a quick word of thanks for taking a few minutes from your busy day to look around my web site.  If you snoop around the site enough you will find various bits of information about me.  I have also included some web sites and different computer programs I have found useful.

This is a work in progress, and I will slowly be adding/modifying as needed.  Please don't forget to come back to see what new items are available.

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